Routenote: Experience all your favourite Music in Virtual and Mixed Reality with VRTIFY

VRTIFY is an app that transforms music into a Virtual and Mixed Reality experience with VR concerts, music videos, events and exclusive content. Or you can just listen to your favorite music from any Music Service [...]

The Virtual & Mixed Reality #MusicRevolution is coming to CES 2017

In just one year since VRTIFY’s first debut at CES 2016 last year, our platform has made a tremendous amount of progress… More than 500,000 music fans are enjoying music in a new dimension from every virtual, [...]

UploadVR: VRTIFY Wants To Bring You Closer To Live Music Performances

VRTIFY offers concerts, clips and channels from bands including Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, Florence and the Machine, Sting, Twenty One Pilots, and Of Monsters and Men. It’s available or in beta on most current headsets, [...]

Forbes: VRTIFY already using VR to enable new income streams for the Music Industry

Virtual Reality may also become an enticing new income stream for artists, venues and promoters, enabling a sort of “first-day-after” rather than “last-minute-before” experience and some startups like VRTIFY have already capitalized on this technology. Read the full [...]

VRTIFY at the Virtual Reality Summit in San Diego

The Virtual Reality Summit will take place on December the 14th and the 15th in San Diego and our CEO, Facundo Díaz, will be there talking about Revenue Models on Virtual Reality & Augment Reality Business [...]

VR Intelligence Conference | Reshaping the Music Industry

On December 7 and 8 took place the #VRX2016 Conference in San Francisco. VRTIFY was present among the most forward-thinking people in the VR Industry to discuss the potential of Virtual & Mixed Reality to reshape the [...]

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