Music Biz 2017 – VR: The New Frontier

Join our CEO at Music Biz 2017, this Thursday May 18th in Nashville to discover how VR and AR are the future of music. See more at:

VRTIFY at SXSW 2017 – Immersive Technologies and the Future of Music

Thanks to AR, VR, and now MR the way we experience and access to the music will change for ever. As a music fans, we went from being just passive viewers/listeners (content on a screen/device: [...]

BBC: VRTIFY transforming traditional music content into an Immersive Experience

We talked with the BBC about how we’re transforming traditional music content and creating new income streams for the Music Industry. “Immersive technologies aren’t mainstream, but we all see how quickly they’re evolving,” says Marcus [...]

The Future of Music – VRTIFY at Worlds Fair Nano San Francisco

Join our CEO, Facundo Martin Diaz, at Worlds Fair Nano this Sunday 29th in San Francisco, to discover how immersive technologies will re-shape the music industry. About Worlds Fair Nano: THE FUTURE WILL BE EPIC The [...]

VRTIFY selected among the most innovative global startups

We’re thrilled to be selected as one of the most innovative Global startup at the 4th Annual Digital Entertainment World (DEW) Pitch Competition. The DEW is the World’s largest event for the Digital Entertainment Industry, featuring more than 1.800 [...]

The Hill: VRTIFY offering immersive Virtual & Mixed Reality experiences for Music

VRTIFY already has rolled out a virtual reality music platform with interactive “mixed reality” functions that allow users to experience concerts from multiple viewpoints. Red the full article

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