Next milestone in music revolution: VRTIFY HOLO

We continue revolutionizing the music with the beta launching of the new VRTIFY's AR (Augmented Reality) feature. Bringing an amazing way for fans to access their favorite music with Holograms. Empowering artists to expand [...]

2017: such an AMAZING year!

Thank you all for such a wonderful year, full of great achievements we would like to share with you through this video. THANK YOU ALL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! (for a 2018 even [...]

We Have a Smash Hit: in October more than 1.5 million fans experienced music in a new dimension.

Thanks to the world’s biggest artists and events that choose VRTIFY to manage and distribute their immersive content, In October, more than 1.5 Million fans have already experienced music in a new dimension. Welcome to [...]

VRTIFY is the #1 App in Google Cardboard

VRTIFY is this week is the # 1 Google Cardboard App for Android. The world's largest music  library is here. Join us and enjoy the most amazing music experience, accessing to exclusive premium channels with more than [...]

VRTIFY: The Next Music Revolution is here to stay

Julia Hardy investigates how the latest VR tech is letting us experience movies, music and games like never before, including captaining her very own Star Trek starship. But we've been sold Virtual Reality before [...]

TIME MAGAZINE – VRTIFY unveiled the future of music at SXSW

"Virtual Reality is great but Mixed and Augmented Reality are the future" with these words, our CEO started his keynote presentation at SXSW 2017 and performed a live demo [...]

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