Continue the tradition of gathering leaders from diverse fields across the region with a common interest: Understanding the Opportunities and challenges of doing business in Latin America.

The past years have been marked by significant political and macro-economic swings across Latin America. Our expert panels and keynote speakers will explore how businesses and governments achieve economic prosperity and stability in the region and “Beyond Borders”. We expect that this student conference will inform and inspire students and professionals, and position Latin America as an area of interest for academic, political and professional communities in the U.S.


The panel was very enriching, and discussion of entrepreneurship and venture capital, each panel participant showed his experience, shared talking about investments and new ways of reinventing latin america.


Deborah Dana, Managing Partner at Soldiers Field Angels, HBS ’08

  • Co-Founder and CEO at Kiwilimon
  • Marketing and Sales Director at Interlingua
  • Marketing Manager at Procter & Gamble

Hernan Fernandez, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Angel Ventures Mexico

  • Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Founder and Managing Director at Mexi-Link
  • Corporative Lawyer at PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Matias Recchia, Co-founder and CEO at IguanaFix

  • President and COO at Vostu
  • Engagement Manager at McKinsey
  • Corporate Finance Manager at Procter & Gamble

Facundo Martin Diaz, Co-founder and CEO at VRTIFY

  • Co-Founder Alchemia VR
  • Co-Founder Playboard TV
  • Co-Founder Safety Pool International
  • Co-Founder Alchemia Games
  • Co-Founder DotionLab
  • Director at Accenture

Luis Tejado, Founder and President at Blue Drop, HBS ’97

  • CEO at Proteak
  • COO at Grupo Editorial Expansion
  • CFO at Grupo Editorial Expansion
  • CEO at
  • Consultant at Boston Consulting Group
  • Finance Manager at Procter & Gamble