VRTIFY is the new Virtual and Mixed Reality social network that gives its users a new way to experience and share music. That includes creating VR environments and channels, sharing concert experiences and playlists, and doing more with services such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Instagram, YouTube and Google Street View. Users can choose to either stick with a free experience or they can upgrade to a premium version that removes ads and provides subscriber access to special pay-per-view events.

…we offer high quality VR and MxR music content through our premium channels (like Netflix, but for music experiences) and allow users to socialize within the platform, share their favorite content, create their own playlists and groups and also provide them with the tools to create their own content and channels.
Facundo Díaz, CEO of VRTIFY

VRTIFY has the world’s largest virtual and mixed reality music library to date and is in the process of increasing its content with additional artists by launch, making it an entirely new distribution destination for music.

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