INTX 2016: VRTIFY – 360 Degrees of Wow!

INTX is part of the Revolution . VRTIFY was invited to attend the event INTX 2016, specifically giving an exhibition called  “360 Degrees of Wow!” where we were part of a panel talking about our revolution . We invite you to join !

Virtual reality is grabbing headlines left and right. But everyone has the same question: is there actually an opportunity here? With billions spent on virtual reality investments in the past two years alone, the tech industry seems to think so. It’s time to get real about virtual reality’s business prospects. Which stakeholders are best-positioned for success, which early plays make the most sense and when is the right time to jump in? How have early investments unlocked potential new revenue streams for video delivery providers and content owners, while providing new tools for immersive storytelling that supports deep engagement with stories and characters?


VRTIFY to Demo Music-Focused VR Platform

VRTIFY said it will demo its music-focused reality platform at the Disrupted Reality showcase at next week’s INTX event in Boston.BClogo

VRTIFY lets users access music from a variety of sources, including Spotify, YouTube, internet radio stations as well as MP3 files and pair them up with “thousands” of 360-degree VR environments. Users can also invite friends via VRTIFY’s “curated social network,” and tie in their photo streams via the platform’s integration with Instagram.

The company is currently testing its platform in the form of a private beta. Out of the chute, VRTIFY will support platforms such as the Samsung GEAR VR and Oculus Rift, as well as apps for Android and iOS devices.

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Second INTX show embraces ‘disruption’

IBybbDIWCableco companies gathered in Boston last week for the second annual Internet and Television Show, the latest incarnation of The Cable Show.

The floor included a “Disrupted Reality” area that showcased a number of VR demos from vTime, VRtify, Avegant, Samsung and Discovery Communications. Arris, Comcast, Ericsson and Deluxe also had VR demos. Interestingly, VR had a bigger presence at INTX this year than UHD or HDR – proving if nothing else that the hype around VR has reached unrealistic levels.

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Virtual Reality at INTX: What’s the Role of Service Providers?

cedYou won’t get very far on the INTX show floor in Boston this week without seeing a bunch of people with virtual reality headsets on, indulging in technology made possible by billions invested in VR. So, is VR really a big content delivery opportunity and if so, what part will service providers play in this whole ecosystem?

VRTIFY’s Facundo Diaz overviewed what he calls “the world’s first VR music platform.” A how-it-works video is available at the company’s website.

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INTX 2016: What’s Next For TV?

INTX disrupted realityDisrupted Reality: Giving the node to the emerging virtual reality market, this area will feature a wide variety of demos that will offer opportunities for showgoers to strap on a headset and enter an immersive 360-degree world of video. Startup VRTIFY announced this week that it will demo its music-focused VR platform, which is currently in a private beta trial.

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Check out the CNBC interview HERE.

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