Still to be determined is the tech firm that will provide the VR experience for the iHeart and UMG endeavor. A spin around the CES show floor reveals handful of music VR demoes sprinkled among the gaming and expansive film displays.

Palo Alto-based Vrtify is one possibility. The company has been quietly signing deals with programmers – of both audio and video – and will launch its first major play with Spotify later this year where Spotify customers can choose an immersive environment in which to enjoy their playlist.

“We’ve created thousands of environments for them,” Facundo Martin Diaz, CEO of Vrtify, tells Billboard. “People go into their Spotify account, and we let them navigate their choices in a VR environment.”

Vrtify has raised $3.2 million to date with commitments for an additional $25 million this year, Diaz says. Songwriter and producer Billy Mann, who’s worked with artist including Pink, Josh Groban and Ricky Martin through his Manncom firm, is on the Vrtify board of directors.

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