Thanks to AR, VR, and now MR the way we experience and access to the music will change for ever.

As a music fans, we went from being just passive viewers/listeners (content on a screen/device: TV, phones, audio consoles) to now being active part of the content and immersing ourselves into a fully and new audio-visual experiences.

This is the moment in which we need to re-define the concept of a music video clip, the way we access to a live concert and how we’ll set up our audio preferences in these new platforms.

After 3 years working with the main music labels and many of the best known music artists developing hundreds of audio-visual music experiences in all the immersive technologies, the CEO of VRTIFY will share they take a ways and present the challenges but also the amazing opportunities these immersive technologies are bringing to us.

A look inside the future of music in mixed reality. from VRTIFY on Vimeo.